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Equipment Requests

If you have a particular need for a product not currently posted available at CRES Imaging, LLC please take a moment to send us a note describing the item(s) you are interested in. Following are some recent requests for equipment.  Please contact us if you have or know of for sale any of these items: 

Bremson / ZBE

Bremson / ZBE Wheelman Digital Input Units


Engraving machine

12" Brooke

12" Brooke roll paper cutter

Noritsu V50

Noritsu V50 C-41 film processor in Australia / New Zealand

HP Indigo

HP Indigo 6800S digital color press

CX Cutters

CX cutters with touch panel controller

Dry Mounting Press

40x60 dry mounting press

Die Cutter

Midway die cutter

Refrema C-41

Refrema C-41 dip & dunk film processor


ICG 370HS drum scanner

Refrema E-6

Refrema E-6 dip & dunk film processor

Garment Printer

Direct to Garment printer

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