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With over 30 years of experience in buying, selling, brokering and appraising used photo processing, digital imaging and graphics equipment, CRES Imaging, LLC is your source to remarket your surplus equipment, locate quality used equipment and receive professional services in appraising the value of your commercial / professional imaging equipment. Click on any of the Titles or photos below for more information.

  • Color Copiers

  • Film Recorders

  • Digital Minilabs

  • Digital Minilab Accessories

  • Digital LED / Laser Printers

  • Digital Inkjet Printers / Plotters

  • Dye sublimation Printers

  • Roll Film

  • Flatbed and Drum Scanners and Accessories

  • Digital Systems Kiosks Software. 

  • Optical and Digital Cameras

  • Copy Cameras and Slide Duplicators, Minilab Film Processors

  • Optical One Hour Labs and Accessories

  • Digital and Optical Minilab Accessories

  • C-41 / E-6 / B&W Film Processors and Tube Processors

  • Contact, S , and Package Printers

  • Color and B&W Paper Processors, Daylight Enlargers

  • Darkroom Enlargers, and Accessories

  • Analyzers & Accessories

  • Densitometers

  • Dry Mount Presses Laminators Texture Machines

  • Paper Cutters and Dispensers

  • Slide Mounters and Imprinters

  • Production Accessories

  • Book Making

  • Digital Press and PrePress

  • Direct to Fabric Printers

  • Specialty Printers

  • Embroidery Equipment

  • Silk Screen Equipment. 


In our  ongoing effort to recycle as much as possible, CRES Imaging, LLC is providing this information as a customer service. CRES Imaging, LLC provides no warranty as to the availability, reliability or usability of any items offered by the sellers.  Purchase of any item(s) is totally at the risk and responsibility of the buyer. 


One of the cornerstones of the business model for CRES Imaging, LLC is the concept of recycling. Since 1984, it has been our focus to take equipment that serves no further use at one location and remarket it to a business that can make full use of its existing potential. If you have such items available please contact me so I can post them.

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