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Free Equipment

One of the cornerstones of the business model for CRES Imaging, LLC is the concept of recycling.  Since 1984, long before it became fashionable or politically correct to recycle, it has been my focus to take equipment that serves no further use at one location and remarket it to a business that can make full use of its existing potential.   Still, there comes a time when the value or function of a product has ceased.  However there may still be potential for that product short of landfill.  I am experimenting with a FREE page where I will post items that are beyond their typical useful life, are good for parts, too low in value for us to effectively remarket or are just spare parts left over from a long ago disposed of machine.  If you have such items available please contact me so I can post them.  


Craig R Ellison, CEO

*The following items and equipment are posted as free by CRES Imaging, LLC.   CRES Imaging, LLC has no vested interest in the sale or remarketing of the items. CRES Imaging, LLC makes no claim or warranty regarding the usability or function of any of the items offered as free. You are not purchasing the items below from CRES Imaging, LLC.  The current owner may, at their discretion, require some payment for the item(s). You are responsible for any removal, packing and shipping costs. The current owner of the equipment listed below may have additional equipment  listed for sale with CRES Imaging, LLC. CRES Imaging, LLC retains exclusive right to sell any and all items other than those expressly offered as free. By clicking on the "CONTACT" button next to the item(s) you are signifying your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

If you need assistance in shipping any of the equipment below, please contact us at the phone or email address at the bottom of the page. 


















Noritsu 2611 RA hybrid minilab, 8" VFP digital print head, APS & 135 auto negative carriers, 3 paper mags

54" Roland FJ-50 inkjet printer, needs new heads

Polielettronica 20" optical poster printer with attached Colex RA-4 paper processor

26" Colenta RA-4 paper processor, 1989 model

Agfa 101.d digital minilab        

20" Hope RA-4 paper processor

Noritsu 701 optical minilab

Noritsu B-50 daylight C-41 film processor

Noritsu QSS-602 daylight enlarger/processor

Lucht Step 1 semi automatic optical package printer

Asst'd Lucht lens cabinets.  Crop A, Crop E, Crop G

Fuji SP-2000 film scanning station with APS & 135 auto negative carriers

Okidata/Lucidiom EQ-9800 color copier

D-Carrier for Noritsu 2611 / 2612 minilab

Sickles slide duplicator, Maron 5x7 color head, Chromega C enlarger, Speddmaster easel

Kreonite Proline E-6 dip and dunk film processor with racks

10" Fuji Frontier 370 with PIC Pro scanning station with 135 & 120 negative carriers, 2 paper magazines

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